Through the eyes

What is a “fangirl”? Is it someone who dresses up in band tees and knows the words to every song the artists ever made? Or is it someone that cries every time their favorite singer is mentioned? Or maybe even those little girls who are just in love with the old Justin Bieber hair flip? The online dictionary defines it has “an obsessive female fan (usually of movies, comic books or science fiction)” But how much does someone really know what a fangirl is if you aren’t in a fandom yourself?

I actually hate the word “fangirl” personally. I feel like i’m being given a title for just being impacted by somebody, emotionally and physically. The people I’m talking about is One direction… now before you exit out because we all know that a little boy band picture comes into your mind, but hear me out. It’s hard to say i’ve never loved somebody. I love so many people in my life, I love my family, I love each and every one of my friends so much, I love my beautiful friend that I share this blog with, I love the great soul I share so many one direction feelings with. But what is being in love? Every time I look at a picture of Harry or Louis or Liam or Niall, i’m filled with nothing but joy. I feel proud for how far these boys have come. Every time I watch a video of them, my heart fills with energy and i get this rush of emotion through me. Sometimes my eyes tear up. But why? Is it love? Can you be in love somebody that doesn’t even know you exist? My answer: yes. And the people who say no, are the people that haven’t had the experience. One group of 4 guys, can make me smile a little more, cry a little less (sometimes…), and laugh a little louder. I feel like when you tell a grown parent or a friend that you love one direction that they think you are obsessed with them for their looks. Yes they are extremely hot and attractive, but that’s just one of the perks. They change so many lives all around the world, from little kids that are suffering from diseases to an ordinary high school student. They get up one stage almost every day, and when they aren’t entertaining thousands of fans, they are traveling to see them. Non-stop they are always on the go, for us. We support them in many more ways than one. Each time I log onto twitter and something one direction related is trending world wide, it’s because of us. And I know they appreciate that. One direction isn’t just some “full-of-it” big ego band. They count their blessings everyday and take time to thank us. And I think that’s why I love them. So please before you go thinking that they will never be as famous or inspiring as the Beatles or Rolling Stones, think about how many lives they impact each and everyday and how thankful one person can be for a band called One Direction.




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