Savoring the last few days of summer

Summer is coming to an end. No more of those days where you wouldn’t do anything because you thought to yourself you have the whole summer left. We go back to school Wednesday, so we are going to teach you how to savor those last few summer nights you have until the school year starts right back up again…

-live in the moment. When your hanging out with friends, or just doing something enjoyable, don’t think about going to school in t-4 days because that ruins it. Live in the present and don’t think about the future until you have to.

-no regrets. Don’t go into the school having regrets about wasting the last few days of summer. This should motivate you!! Get up a do something that makes you happy, treat yourself take yourself out shopping. No regrets!!

-get outside. We all know by common sense that with the close of summer, comes a new season. So get outside when you can to soak up the summer sun and long days. It can be in the morning when the sky is bright orange, in the afternoon so the sun soaks your skin or at night when the moon is rising. Nature is more calming than you think

-reminisce, think back to the beginning of the summer when you would tell your friends all the fun things you were going to do. Make a mental note of how many of things you actually did. Maybe try and make an effort to do them. Also reminisce about the trips you took, the memories you made, and the things you talked. Because in the end those stay at home nights won’t matter but the memories will




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