Adventure in Pictures-Island vibes 8/6/15

So my Family and I went on vacation this summer on an island off of North Carolina. It was our 3rd time and I love it more each year. It is very secluded and private (not tourist-y at all), you have to take about a 15 minute ferry ride to get there. Which means on the island there are no cars, only golf carts, bikes and your feet 🙂 The waves are fantastic during high tide so provides enjoyment for you surfers out there, and lovely shops as well!

The first day we arrived on the island, we golf carted to our house through wooded trails with big palm trees providing shade.

Later in the day there was a smoothie bar, so I had to hit it up of course. Me and my sister got on our bikes and headed down. I got a mango peach agave smoothie and it was amazing.

For most of the trip I was barefoot because if you can be, why not? Plus the warm pavement and sand felt so good against my feet

When we were exhausted from biking through the harsh ocean winds, we chilled at the house just admiring the view




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