Summer lovin’ books

During the summer when your friends have plans, and its pouring rain outside, sometimes it’s nice to just cuddle up with a book. But WAIT you don’t have any good books to read…

Well here are some of our top 7 picks! Some of these were recommended by one of our close friends; Jaclyn (a passionate reader)

1. A Dog’s Purpose; a MUST read for anyone who owns a dog, changed my perspective by 100%, oh and a tear jerker.

2. Ugly Love: the perfect not so romantic novel

3. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl: You may of heard of this one because it has definitely grown in popularity since the movie came out. I recommend reading it BEFORE you see the movie. It is definitely hilarious and very relatable if you are a high school student.

4. Maybe Someday: Another one by Colleen Hoover (Jaclyn really likes this author and highly recomends her) This revolves around a teen/college student’s love life. Be prepared for lots of ups and downs.

5. Beautiful Disaster: The perfect good girl gone bad novel 😉

6. The shining: Here is a book for the thrill seekers out there. Absolutely loved this book. A classic by Steven king. A family stays at a isolated hotel during the winter because the father is the caretaker, follow this family and watch them-well uh-slowly go crazy.

7. A Prayer For Owen Meany: The kind of book that all adds up in the end and has you in aw. Definitely not a sit down read, quite a longer book but worth the read. I ended up picking this book out for a school project, not thinking I’d love it and in the end it made the list of my favorite books.

Anddddd that’s it! Contact us if you end up reading any of these and let us know hwat you thought! Or comment down below any of your book suggestions.




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