Learning to love yourself

So many people in our society today, struggle with loving themselves and admiring who they are. Everyone is finding themselves at one point, comparing them to somebody else, whether that person is a celebrity or a girl at school. When in reality, if you have good thoughts and think well of yourself, it will show on the outside.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a fine line between being confident in your own skin and being cocky. You can build up your confidence a little each and every day by taking in the little things that makes you you, stop having regrets and stop comparing!!! Because we weren’t all meant to look like that model on instagram. Be positive in your own mind and it will come out in positive vibes. Count your blessing each day and take in what you are grateful for, don’t take anything for granted. When you wake up and reach for your phone in the morning, don’t! Instead think of what your going to do in order to not let that day go to waste and live in the moment. Stop trying to live up to everyones expectations. Recognize that you aren’t perfect and don’t have to be. Put down that straightener and embrace the beautiful person you are!!

A lot of times being beautiful doesn’t have to do with long blonde hair that you would die to have, or their face full of flawless makeup. Being beautiful is having a positive soul that shows through you in your attitude.




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