Adventure in pictures 7-16-15

We started out our day by taking a trip to the pool. Me, liv and ki caught up with each other, while soaking up the sun. After we had had enough of the heat, we would go take a dip in the pool, still not breaking our conversation.

When it reached mid-afternoon we took a jeep ride to catch up with some of ki’s old friends.


After jamming out to old “tbt” tunes on the way home, we carried ourselves into the house, where we than chatted about ridiculous stuff and snacked on some salsa and chips

Salsa circle
Salsa circle

When the sun started to fade, me and ki headed outside to play around with the skateboard, we shared some good laughs…


when we had finally worn ourselves out, we headed back inside; hot and sweaty. And settles down with bowls of comforting icecream.


Cancer & Pisces


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